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Sing A Little Louder

Private Showings

We are excited that the private showings have begun with the Sing A Little Louder movie!  This is a short film that can be shown at your church,  pregnancy center fundraising event, or at civic groups.  The movie was taken from my story that was written over 20 years ago.  The story continues to grip hearts around the world.  I have recently updated the brochure, Sing A Little Louder, and printed copies are available through Penny Lea Ministries. You will want to order this for your church!  See details under tracts on my website.

 Also available to be shown along with the movie is a 20 minute interview that I did with the movie crew here in the mountains of North Carolina.  It is an important followup to the film that shares of the dear old man that the movie

centers around, along with important facts about the abortion holocaust.  We pray that these films will touch many and awaken there sleeping Church.  Please contact me, or go to Singloudermovie.com and get more information on how you can bring the movie to your area

 At the time of this writing we have allowed 57 million children to be brutally murdered through abortion.  Not only have we lost these children, but their mothers and fathers who suffer the aftermath must be reached.  They sit next to us in our churches, they work with us, and they are our neighbors.  They bear scars that are very deep and painful, and they need help and deliverance.  If you are interested in knowing more about the effects of abortion on women please read Rachel Weeping.  You can find it under tracts on this website.

 Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you. The cries of the children haunt me today as much as they did 33 years ago when God called me to this war in a little cemetery just outside of Nashville.  Thus is a war on children that has gone on way too long.  Please help us stop the holocaust!

If you would like to bring the movie to your area, or bring Penny Lea in as a speaker at your church or fundraising event, please contact us at our email address on the website or feel free to call us!