Apr. 01, 2016

This was her answer after a long pause,"Is it murder to dismember an innocent child? Then murderers should go to jail!" She leaned forward and got eyeball to eyeball with that character as she pointed that old finger. I have never forgotten that day! I was sitting right next to her at a press conference. We need more Mother Theresa's in this world and certainly in this pro-life movement! By the way, the headlines in the paper the next morning read, "Mother Theresa says women who have abortions should go to jail." Devils then and Devils now! I wonder how Jesus would have answered that Pharisee reporter who claims to be a good catholic? Same trap they laid for Jesus when they asked Him about paying taxes to Rome. Same spirit of deception and death. I just pray there will be a day when the slaughter of innocent children is illegal. For now, that is a fairytale!

Penny Lea


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